Artist Bio & Statement

I am an international, danish-born Artist. I am a self-taught, yet with experience from different Art Schools, in Denmark and abroad.

Outside Denmark, I have been involved in solo projects in Barcelona – Spain. Texas, California and Seattle – USA. Over the past few years I have traveled around the USA as an artist. My fascination of the North American Indians and their culture shines through in many of my works. My close relationship with the Biker environment in the USA, has also inspires my later work.

My passion for North American culture, was the reason I wanted to express myself on canvas. I pri primarily work with acrylic paint mixed with other materials on canvas. My first work experience was with oil, painting naturalistic portraits, but I have gradually evolved into more abstract acrylic paintings where colors mixed with material, expresses my feelings and my visual universe.I am always seeking to explore, grow and find new venues and perspectives on my artwork.